"Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira"

The company that created this brand was founded in 1932 and was originally a partnership between two brothers, Francisco Eduardo and João Joaquim Henriques, whose family had been the largest landowners in the Câmara de Lobos area since the 15th century. It was here that the first vineyards of Madeira Island were planted by Zarco, the captain of the caravels sent by Henry the Navigator on a voyage of discovery.

After the death of Francisco Eduardo, three other partners joined the company between 1937 and 1946: Alberto Jardim, Carlos Nunes Pereira and Peter Cossart.

Casa dos Vinhos da Madeira brand has been the market leader in Canada for several decades, namely in Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and in British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch.

It is also marketed in Belgium by N.V. Lanneau.

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