Origin & History

Henriques & Henriques-Vinhos, S.A.

The history of Henriques & Henriques goes back to the year 1850 when the company was founded by João Gonçalves Henriques, a descendant of a family that established itself in Câmara de Lobos many years ago. After his death in 1912, his sons, João Joaquim and Francisco Eduardo Henriques, formed a partnership from which the name "Henriques & Henriques" originated.
The Henriques family, throughout the different generations, played an important role in Madeira wine making where they always stood out as producers of wines of excellent quality. However, various events which occurred in the second half of the 19th century, namely the appearance of Oidium in 1852 and shortly afterwards Phylloxera in 1872, diseases of the vine, resulted in serious damage to the Region's vineyards and, as a consequence, led in 1913 to the family assets being consolidated into a company which later, in 1925, started exporting its products.

The last of the Henriques died in 1968 and the company passed on to his closest collaborators and friends. The company maintained the passing of the testimony of both tradition and the technological system to the following generations until today.
Besides being a producer and exporter, H&H is also the only company having privade vineyards, resulting in the production of extremely high quality grapes, namely Verdelho and Terrantez, which allows to control production from cultivation to harvest. On the other hand, also acquires grapes from various wine growers with whom has a close and long-standing relationship.

In 1992, Henriques & Henriques started an expansion programme and invested in the construction of the new ageing winery in the parish of Câmara de Lobos, where the head office and the commercial area are also located. It also built a vinification centre on its property situated in the parish of Quinta Grande, which gave the company the adequate means to meet the demands of the markets, using the most recent technological innovations, whilst maintaining the family tradition of almost 200 years in the production of the best Madeira wines.